communication with other systems

IT Program to analyse the fuel consumption, performance and fatigue life

Performance winEVA

■ Fuel consumption, performance, fatigue life

 scaled : simple simulation without rotational vibration to complex dynamic of switching operation including ignition and drive train vibration

■ Real time simulation (driving simulator) is integrated

■ Test bench control

■ Driving performance diagrams stationary (tensile force, braking, switching operation)

■ Powerful post-processing

■ Company specific pre-processing based on SQL-server is available

■ Formula generator for channels created subsequently

■ Automatic batch processing

■ Data exchange with winADAM, winLIFE, EXCEL, Matlab

■ Integration of part-modules in customer‘s own Matlab Models

- Construction of Drive Train / block orientated and not fixed to topology

ing strategy / Simulation type pilot drive

Driving following a measured speed

- Only makes sense if measuring vehicle and simulation vehicle are similar

- From the pilot drive a (universal) required speed path can be generated

Driving strategy / Simulations type required speed path

Required speed path can be created from

- Data from measured drive

- Route data (curvature, traffic rules, traffic intensity)

- Provision of a cycle (e.g. NEFZ)

Influence of vehicle type on the driving following a required speed path

winADAM & winEVA

Measuring and Simulation Results

Driving start town bus (engine ignition calculation)>

< Typical town bus driving cycle (without engine ignition) >

Simulation highly dynamic processes / changing gear group transmission 

Comparison of Calculation and Simulation for Routes on Nurburgring with a Mercedes
Benz 500 SL

Simulation type: Requested drive

Comparison measurement/calculation on Nurburgring

Simulation type: only route given
Comparison measurement/calculation on Nurburgring

Comparison of simulation types
routes - gears for the Nurburgring

Comparison of simulation types
Results gear-aim-matrix for the Nurburgring

Comparison of simulation types
Engine load collective for Nurburgring (northern loop)

Control of a transmission test bench to drive following a measured cycle

Test bench elements

Configuration of a dynamic test bench.

Safety relevant functions of a test bench are covered by the Siemens-Control

                                   < Test bench simulation of a realistic use / transmission test bench >

Manufacturers of the Test Bench Components 

  - Daimler (drive train)

  - Siemens (test bench including mechanics and energy and basic control elements)

  - C+M-Soft (Someda measuring system and control, project coordination, installation)

  - Steinbeis TC Traffic Engineering (pre-selected settings and controls for driving cycles)

Realistic Test Bench

Research & Development Projects

Project example / establishing driving resistance / coasting test


- By measuring the acceleration when vehicle is coasting on a road as flat as possible(Nordlinger Ries) important factors can be determined fairly exactly, e.g.

- Rolling resistance

- Air resistance

Project example / coasting test

Project example / capacity measuring in traffic

- Only a certain number of vehicles can travel on one road per hour.

- With increasing driving speed, the capacity decreases.

- With an increasing number of vehicles per km, the speed decreases and ? when reaching the capacity limit ? traffic jams occur.

Project example / Road capacity 

- 2 measuring vehicles travelled from Ulm to Merklingen spaced at a distance (within sight)

- The position of both vehicles was measured with GPS and from this the distance between the vehicles could be calculated.

- The number of vehicles between the two measuring vehicles was determined by video information.

- The traffic density (vehicles per km) and the average speed could be determined.

- In this way the fundamental diagram which is so important in traffic engineering, could be determined.

Project example / Road capacity 

Measuring the load collectives of aeroplane pushers

winADAM in the pusher

Pushing an Airbus

Life-Information using

Finite Elements

< Procedure to get the critical component spectrum >

< A System for Reliability and Fatigue Life >             

< Procedure to get the critical component spectrum >