[SINDA/FLUINT] 2019년 1월 뉴스레터 안내 (Veritrek: Extending Thermal Desktop..)

2019-01-24 10:29




January 23, 2018 - In This Issue:

1) Veritrek: Extending Thermal Desktop

2) Qs for FloCAD Q&A

3) Intro to Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, and TD Direct

4) Online Classes

In this Issue ...

LoadPath's software development team invites you to a webinar to learn about VeritrekTM, built to enhance your thermal analysis. See below for a short description of Veritrek and to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more.

CRTech is introducing a new type of webinar: questions and answers. The first Q&A webinar will be for FloCAD®, so let us know what questions you have always wanted answered. Then keep watch for other Q&A-style webinars to be offered later this year.

If you are new to our software, if you are a manager who needs to understand what your employees are doing, or if you feel your skills need updating, our introductory training is for you. The training covers the graphical interfaces through lectures and hands-on tutorials with helpful hints provided throughout. We offer the in-person classes on Thermal Desktop®, RadCAD®, and TD Direct® twice each year in Colorado.

If you have 8 to 12 people who require training, or you cannot justify the travel time to get to Colorado, you can request private training at your location (some restrictions apply). Contact us for a quote. We are also offering online alternatives. (Note that FloCAD training has been recorded and is available upon request at no charge.)

Reduced-order Modeling using Thermal Desktop®

Developed to enhance the capabilities of CRTech's Thermal Desktop®, VeritrekTM produces thousands of simulation results in seconds by leveraging the power of reduced-order models (ROMs). ROMs act as statistical emulators built from high-fidelity simulations and allow you to quickly investigate variations in your Thermal Desktop model.

Veritrek benefits include reduced modeling costs and accelerated analysis schedules using ROMs, more optimized designs through unique statistically-based analysis features, and a more collaborative work environment through Veritrek's easy-to-use interface and flexible licensing approach.

In this webinar, LoadPath will highlight the Veritrek Creation Tool, which gives you the ability to create your own reduced-order model from Thermal Desktop. They will also demonstrate ROM utility in the Veritrek Exploration Tool which offers advanced analysis capabilities in the form of 2D and 3D plotting, sensitivity studies, screening analyses, and optimization.

Webinars will be held at the following times:





February 12, 2019

8 am PT, 11 am ET


February 14, 2019

1 pm PT, 4 pm ET


February 20, 2019

8 am PT, 11 am ET

Questions Sought for FloCAD Q&A Webinar

We periodically offer webinars on various features of modules of the Thermal Desktop analysis suite. (Many of these webinars have been recorded and can be found on our Videos page.) We are also famously fast about answering any customer questions or concerns through our support system.

Sometimes you just have a question that doesn't fit those categories.

  • Why does some feature or tool work like it does?

  • How would you address some new type of problem?

  • Option A seems very similar to Option B. Which one should I use when?

  • Which underutilized features are favorites of the CRTech staff?

To fill this gap, we're offering a new type of webinar that is more of an informal discussion than a presentation, with opportunities for the audience to ask new questions as well.

We're soliciting questions and topics for the first FloCAD Q&A Webinar, to be held in about a month. Why not influence what material we cover?

Introduction to Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, and TD Direct

April 9-12, 2019, 8am - 5pm

Lakewood, CO

CRTech will be hosting introductory training for Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, and TD Direct. Lecture and hands-on tutorials introduce you to basic Thermal Desktop and RadCAD usage and provide practice building models and interpreting results. The class will also introduce you to the SpaceClaim CAD interface and advanced meshing tools in TD Direct. The specific location of the training will be provided upon registration.

Daily Schedule 

Day 1 and 2

Introduction to Thermal Desktop and SINDA

Day 3

Introduction to RadCAD

Day 4

Introduction to TD Direct

Expanded Online Class Offerings

In addition to in-person classes at your location or ours, we are offering online alternatives. Students participate in lectures and demonstrations for several hours each day, then work sample problems and tutorials in between online sessions. The Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, and FloCAD classes are available in this format, and the TD Direct class will be added soon. Please contact us if you are interested in more details about online training.

These classes will also be recorded. Please keep watch on our Video Page. A recording of the FloCAD class is already available: click here to access Part 1 of 3 after signing into our web site.


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