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2020-04-22 13:14
April 21, 2020 - In This Issue:



A Note to Our Customers, Two Webinars, and a Study Hall 

In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, we would like to first say that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus in the U.S. and around the globe. We hope this finds you and those close to you healthy and well. All CRTech staff members are fully capable of working in isolation without interruption.

We will be completing our FloCAD series of topic-specific webinars with Reacting Flows and Dissolved Gasses. The FloCAD series of free topic-level webinars began with a free three-part class, updated to be consistent with new features and methods. If you missed any of these webinars, please contact us to get notes and recordings.


Have you ever had a question about our software that was never crucial enough to email to user support? The upcoming CRTech Study Hall is your chance to ask it. CRTech Study Hall will cover topics requested by attendees. Come with a question, or attend because you are curious.


FloCAD Webinar SeriesFlocad


The FloCAD series of free webinars and classes have been updated to include all of the latest features.


We started with a special three-session class teaching the basics of FloCAD modeling, recordings of which are available on our recorded videos page. Now we are continuing the shorter topic-based webinars. These are the final webinars in this series.


Please note prerequisites for those webinars that are offered later in the series. If you missed a prerequisite class, please catch up by watching the recording on our video page before attending the next in the series.


Reacting Flows

Tuesday May 5th, 2pm MT (1pm PT, 4pm ET)


Reacting Flows is a capability that allows FloCAD to simulate fuel reformers, deal with the electrochemistry of flow batteries, predict combustion reactions in gas generations, and work with ionized and dissociated gases.

This webinar will explain how to use a working fluid as a reactant. It will also detail various options for determining reaction rates such as equilibrium, finite rate with stoichiometric coefficients, and percent complete based on inflowing reagents. Example applications are summarized.




Dissolved Gases

Thursday May 7th, 2pm MT (1pm PT, 4pm ET)


When vapor meets liquid, it can condense. When gas (NCG) meets liquid, it can dissolve. When there is too much gas in the liquid, it can either evolve slowly at a wall or at the surface ... or it can come out explosively.


Whether your interests are environmental control, liquid propulsion, fire retardant delivery, or beer, this webinar offers a rare glimpse into an advanced modeling topic.




CRTech Study Hallstudyhall

Wednesday May 13th, 11am MT (10am PT, 1pm ET)


The CRTech study hall is an online session with topics suggested by attendees. The topics covered will be driven by questions submitted when you register. 


This is a great opportunity to request a demonstration of a modeling technique, ask a general question, or just see what comes up. We will respond to all questions during the study hall, as time permits, or through our support system, whichever is more appropriate.  Questions submitted within a week of the session may be deferred to a later session.


To register and submit questions, click here.

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